AMD’s CEO Lisa Su validates ray mapping GPU advancement, mean even more 3rd-gen Ryzen cores

While rival Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang took a few potshots at AMD’s new Radeon VII GPU, AMD president Lisa Su went down some bombshells of her very own: of course, AMD has its own raytracing GPUs in advancement, as well as she hinted strongly that AMD’s 3rd-generation Ryzen chips will certainly introduce with greater than eight cores

Su took a seat with PCWorld and a couple of other reporters following her CES keynote address on Wednesday, where she officially launched the 3rd-generation Ryzen and the 7nm “Vega” GPU, known currently as the Radeon VII.

Su invited press reporters to pepper her with questions, and also she reacted candidly. The back and forth yielded numerous items of information.

Much more 3rd-generation Ryzen cores.

While Su really did not say for certain that the upcoming 3rd-generation Ryzen would ship with greater than the 8 cores that she announced on stage, well, it wasn’t hard to read in between the lines. “If you take a look at the advancement of Ryzen, we’ve constantly had an advantage in core count,” Su claimed.

In the presentation showed onstage– contrasting a 3rd-generation eight-core, 16-thread Ryzen against an Intel Core i9-9900K, which shed to the Ryzen chip in the Cinebench criteria– Su claimed that she wanted to develop a neck and neck contrast, utilizing similar core matters.

” Some individuals might have observed on the bundle some extra area,” she claimed with a chuckle. “There is some extra room on that particular bundle and I believe you could expect we will have more than eight cores.”

AMD has ray tracing GPUs in growth, too

Nvidia is pushing its RTX ray tracing technology hard, both in terms of desktop graphics cards along with the intro of its very first mobile RTX GPUs right here at CES. However Su said that AMD likewise has its own ray mapping innovation in development, though she was wary when inquired about details.

” I believe ray tracing is an important technology, and it’s something we’re dealing with also, both from a software and hardware point ofview,” Su stated. “The most essential thing, which’s why we chat so much about the development community, is technology for innovation’s benefit is all right, yet modern technology done along with companions who are totally involved is really vital.”

Nvidia has actually received some criticism from enthusiasts concerning the cost of its RTX cards as well as the loved one of lack of video game support today. Su showed that developing a growth ecosystem was essential.

Later, Su expanded on her idea. “I do not assume we need to state that we are ‘waiting,’” Su claimed, in reaction to this press reporter’s inquiry. “We are deep in growth, which growth is simultaneous between software and hardware.”

” The consumer doesn’t see a lot of advantage today because the various other parts of the environment are not ready,” Su added.

Does AMD intend to have the fastest single-core chips?

Intel has pushed hard to establish itself as the vendor of the fastest desktop cpu, leaning hard on its production prowess as well as the truth that lots of games still don’t make the most of multi-core, parallel chips.

” Our initial concern is general system efficiency, however we understand just how vital single-thread efficiency is,” Su claimed. “So you will see us push single-threaded performance.”

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