First look: TCL’s ‘affordable’ foldable phone concept launching in 2020

Electronics manufacturer TCL, the company behind Alcatel and BlackBerry smartphones, has confirmed at MWC 2019 that it will launch a foldable phone in 2020 which won’t cost anywhere close to almost as much ast the Samsung Galaxy Fold.

It also a concept foldable smartphone on show in Barcelona, Spain, although it was behind glass therefore we couldn’t physically touch it or try it out.

The key takeaway here though is that TCL says its foldable device can have an “affordable price point”.

It couldn’t survive drawn on the amount of it’s intending to charge, however it did show who’s defintely won’t be to become a device which costs anywhere near $2,000 (the price tag on the Galaxy Fold).

A TCL spokesperson told us “it isn’t really imperative that you be first. We don’t desire to rush or be the very first [to launch a foldable phone]. We need to bring something for the market that’s really accessible and helpful for the person.”

That’s why we will never see TCL, or its Alcatel or BlackBerry sub-brands, launch a foldable phone in 2019. It’s very

The foldable phone challenge
TCL explained it needed to overcome three core challenges when coming up with its foldable phone concept.

First up is the flexible display, that this has produced itself (with the help of sister company CSOT), so it won’t need to count on the kind of LG or Samsung to deliver the panel – this may help with keeping the fee down, and often will likely mean enterprise quality in comparison with those South Korean giants.

Next up was the process in the mechanics in the folding hinge, and TCL has evolved few different selections for different form factors, allowing a display to become safely folded by 180 degrees.

Finally, it has needed to build a software means to fix allow for larger applications, multi-tasking, gaming and more across a display which bends by 50 % and potentially moves from size and aspect ratio to a different quickly.

While i was able to find out the foldable display and hinge inside flesh, it isn’t really clear how long TCL offers with developing the software. We hope it does much better than the Royole FlexPai, which suffered with major software issues whenever we got hands on from it at the start in the year.

Meet DragonHinge
The concept we’ve got to view was snazzily named the TCL DragonHinge, that is a pretty awesome reputation for a phone in case you ask us, that is highly unlikely being a name used by the last device.

It’s technically the term for the patented casing and hinge TCL has established for the flexible displays, as opposed to the device has a whole.

We’d be blown away in the event the foldable concept phone we got is the final device which launches pick up, since it appeared to have a very high-end spec line-up, including a 7.2-inch QHD+ (2048 x 1536) AMOLED display and four rear cameras – which doesn’t sound very affordable to us.

This DragonHinge device also includes a 90.73% screen-to-body ratio, ensuring bezels throughout the large display which folds in on itself – just like a book – are kept low.

While the folding form factor is similar on the Samsung Galaxy Fold, there is no additional screen about the front (when folded), meaning you’d have to open it up once you planned to utilize it – potentially another cost-saving measuring.

As accusation in court an idea device, the look, specs and form factor could change entirely before TCL launches its first foldable device in 2020, plus it had some other example designs of that which you just might expect in the future.

These included a form factor more akin towards the flip-phones of old, and a similar DragonHinge device which folded the contrary direction, keeping the screen on the outside with the device instead.


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