Huawei Mate X apparently features a hidden camera – and may also have an extra display

In a unique speak to TechRadar at MWC 2019, Huawei’s CMO, Herman Zhu confirmed that there was obviously a secret camera under the foldable Mate X’s current array.

We noted the Mate X changed along side it with the phone which had a screen started up, flipping automatically when going for a picture.

When quizzed, Mr. Zhu declared that this is Huaweil’s technology, and said there was a hidden fourth camera that nobody knows about.

He wouldn’t elaborate beyond that, aside from gesturing below the present three camera array around the rear.

If we had arrived to invest, we’d guess that there’s a different sensor below there that’s capable of working out what’s looking at it – along with a closer go through the images we now have, using some contrast enhancements, does seem to indicate another sensor there.

We’ll learn more in the foreseeable future about perhaps the Mate X is hiding some additional technology, which wouldn’t be surprising given what lengths off availability of the foldable phone is, but we’ll wait and find out exactly what it features once we acquire more time which has a final version.

The third place
There was another surprise from Mr. Zhu – according to the CMO, Huawei’s ambition would be to add another screen to the Mate X.

Not a genuine physical screen (like the LG DualScreen accessory), but a tweak to the Mate X’s gui that could start to see the spine in the device – when folded – displaying other information.

                        The separate screen of the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

It would be similar towards the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, which used the curved side to pack it icons and novel items like rulers or perhaps a news ticker – but well must wait to see whether or not this actually appears, and how Huawei might make it work.

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