LG hints strongly at flexible phone plans, but says time isn’t right

LG has confirmed its curiosity about flexible phones, and dropped a massive hint that it’ll receive into that market, but believes how the time isn’t right this moment.

The statement came from Kyle Yoon, senior product manager for LG Mobile, during a briefing asking why the emblem hasn’t launched a competitor for the Samsung Galaxy Fold as well as the Huawei Mate X:

When you are looking for foldable, the day will come when we’ll all have a foldable device. That’s only if the Play Store has [apps in] a native resolution in those ratios, in the event the tariff of foldables will come down – you want to deliver a device the best way to can use that’s affordable and [offers] more happy with 5G. We’re focused on that first but foldables yes, we’re going to have those devices.

LG has curiously decided that rather than just staying out of your big-screen market altogether, it’s choosing to release an add-on instead: the LG DualScreen.

This clips on the LG V50 and provides an additional 6.2-inch display that flips to raise the real estate available for the person – but it’s a considerable ways in the widescreen fold-out phones that Huawei and Samsung made, with thick bezels in between.

It is sensible that LG wouldn’t wish to jump feet-first into the flexible smartphone market, as it’s mobile arm has posted losses for assorted quarters now.

LG Electronics president and head of mobile, Kwon Bong-seok, said recently how the brand wouldn’t do anything dramatic as it looks to re-establish itself inside the smartphone market – and also reiterated that LG was ready to go having a flexible phone if the opportunity was right.

Good to keep flexible?
It’s an interesting move from LG – we’ve seen two brands announce commercially-available products in 2010, along with a host of others (including Xiaomi and Alcatel) demonstrate off concept devices, so if LG has something to prove its technological prowess in this area, you will want to do it now?

It feels like the DualScreen is definitely an attempt to provide market something, which makes something that’s just. fine being an accessory feel almost like an apologetic move now numerous brands are talking about a glossy, flexible future.

It would be good to find out LG pushing back towards the sharp end of the smartphone market, mainly because it’s a company with a few genuine innovation and technological prowess inside – and the more players competing for consumer dollars will just cause better phones.

Will LG give you a flexible smartphone in the end of 2019? It could very well depend on the performance of Samsung and Huawei’s efforts, that can embark on sale in the coming months.

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