Older Samsung devices has decided to allow you to customize the Bixby key

One in the additional features of range is Bixby key customization, which enables you to choose exactly what the Bixby button on the side from the phone does.

Now Samsung has confirmed until this feature may also visit its other Bixby-enabled devices, to be able to encourage more users to interact featuring its somewhat maligned voice assistant.

Bixby lets phone users navigate their handset via voice commands, however it hasn’t caught the public imagination around other personal assistants like Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant, and Samsung is clearly attempting to change that by improving its accessibility on older devices.

The pre-S10 Samsung devices which may have Bixby include the Galaxy S8 and S9, Note 8 and Note 9, and every of such will likely be receiving key customization.

The one requirement is that the handset must be running Android Pie  but a majority of of such devices already utilize latest version of Android, and it’ll be reaching the remaining soon.

Key customization means that pressing the Bixby key in different ways activates different alternatives  as opposed to simply pressing it once to open up the assistant, that function could be mapped to either one particular or double-press. The other press are able to be assigned to start a specific app, for example Spotify or even a social websites platform.

Samsung hasn’t confirmed when exactly key customization will get to the pre-S10 devices, only stating it “will be available via a software update”, but we don’t anticipate to be waiting long.

Bixby key customization can be a minor addition alongside the Galaxy S10’s stable of other new features  the ‘punch-hole’ front camera, Snapdragon 855 chipset and wider screen are a great deal more popular with users than easier Bixby usage  but by adding the feature to older devices Samsung will be looking to encourage users of the company’s older phones to produce more use of an element they will often not need embraced thus far.

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