Sony could make a 5G phone, but only if the tech rolls out

Think that Sony isn’t thinking about 5G simply because the Sony Xperia 1 doesn’t support it? Think again.

Sony is showing off a fresh prototype 5G device at MWC 2019, and also the company has confirmed to TechRadar it certainly won’t be pursuing 5G inside consumer space until 5G is fully provided by mobile networks.

Instead of packing it inside a commercially available phone – think LG V50, Huawei Mate X or Samsung Galaxy S10 5G – the business is showing a prototype that’s never intended to visit market.

Patience at Sony
The device has been shown on both Sony and Qualcomm’s booths with the show. The prototype is sporting Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 855, which is the same chipset as in the Xperia 1.

The Snapdragon 855 is capable of doing supporting 5G – this is the chipset inside LG V50 – exactly why won’t Sony’s latest flagship support 5G?

Mitsuya Kishida, President of Sony Mobile told TechRadar, “Obviously, we are heavily cooperating with our partners to produce for 5G, and according to the country as well as the customers need we will introduce the 5G model accordingly.

“It is a separate model and depend on the nation, again. How to introduce the perfect solution will likely be different for the customers.”

However, he did state that Sony was aiming to use a device available on the market in the event the 5G wave of phones fully begins.

Whether which means we’ll see a variant with the Xperia 1 – just like how Xiaomi has intends to rereleased the Mi Mix 3 with a new 5G version – or even a fresh phone remains to be seen.

It’s additionally a benefit for Sony’s schedule of releasing a brand new flagship phone every 6 months too.

By enough time 5G begins its rollout later this coming year, Sony could possibly be able to introduce the Xperia 2 that is prone to still sport the Snapdragon 855 but could be ready with 5G compatibility.

Kishida continued, “Being the 1st in 5G… that’s not what we’re wanting to achieve. I’m really happy our engineering skill as well as the speed of development towards 5G, I’m very confident with that.”

One in the other reasons for Sony avoiding 5G at this time is also right down to the result it might don the design from the phone too.

Silke Schild, head of external communications at Sony Mobile told TechRadar, “We don’t need to compromise on the design [from the Xperia 1] either, integrating additional antennas etcetera.”

That may mean the following phone from Sony is anticpated to be thicker and heavier so it might support 5G, but we likely won’t are aware that for many years now and it might be IFA 2019 with the earliest for all of us to next read about a flagship Sony handset.

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