The Royole FlexPai has been enhanced, but nevertheless doesn’t feel like a Galaxy Fold rival

We were pretty difficult on the Royole FlexPai when we tried it at CES in 2010 as it was, well, pretty terrible. While it would be a cool concept, and our first-time getting our hands on a flexible type of phone, the experience just didn’t complement.

You is able to see here just how bad things were back in January in the video below. On checking the phone, it will just stare at us before remembering it was supposed to affect the interface to jump into tablet mode.

Fast forward just 50 days, and we’re really different flexible world. The Huawei Mate X exists. The Samsung Galaxy Fold continues to be unveiled. The world seems to have forgotten about the Royole FlexPai… but should it have?

We went last but got hands-on using the device, seeing in the event the software had improved  and also the great news is that it has. The chap demonstrating the device to us have been using the telephone himself to get a month, and claimed that things were a whole lot smoother.

In our brief time flicking over the interface, they were. We’re not saying that the situation is completely fixed  there’s some very obvious lag inside phone when switching between the front and rear screens, for example  but overall, the experience was far, far faster.

Fewer of these Benjamins
Remember those two phones we mentioned in the beginning there? The Huawei Mate X costs 2,299, which converts to about $2,600, £2,000, AU$4,770 with 512GB of internal storage. The Samsung Galaxy Fold comes in at $1,980 (around £1,500 / AU$2,800), so neither are cost-effective.

The once-expensive sounding asking price of 1,539.00 with the FlexPai (which converts close to $1,700 / £1,300 / AU$2,400) suddenly doesn’t seem quite as eye-watering, and you’re simply getting a versatile phone with 256GB of internal storage.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves here: the FlexPai still has a rounded, wedge shape (which Royole says protects it for up to two times as many unfolds as the Mate X, in fairness) and quite lay flat when unfurled), high are a few slight aberrations in the screen which suggests the display isn’t as smooth becasue it is competitors.

But if the goal is always to just own a flexible type of phone, Royole isn’t giving up on the FlexPai and is still increasing the software… so maybe it’s worth an extra look.

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